Rashawnda Williams

Rashwanda Williams is an alumna of 826 DC, a youth writing and tutoring center in Washington, D.C., and a recent sociology graduate of Skidmore College in upstate New York. Williams’s studies as an MA student and a teaching fellow have greatly informed the content and style of her writing. She enjoys the therapeutic aspects of writing and believes it is a way to articulate her feelings and her vision. Recently, Williams developed a new lens to look at the world and gained a language to articulate how she moves through the world as a young, black, queer woman.

Williams’s writing is a reflection of her identities, but also a call to action and a response against injustice. She cares deeply about justice and equity across different identity markers and is a passionate advocate of education and its intersection with social identities such as class, race, gender, ability, and sexuality.

Williams is currently working on a Master of Education degree at Boston University, while working as a teaching fellow at a school in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Williams hopes to continue working in education and as an educator engaging young people.