Marwa Samimy, 15

A writer from London, England, Samimy writes stories and poetry to communicate her views and utilizes the power of words to move her readers, change their perceptions, and forge connections. The medium provides an outlet for Samimy to explore herself as a person.

She finds poverty to be deeply unfair and has become an advocate for social equity, having herself come from a family affected by poverty. Samimy notes that people must work collaboratively to address social problems. She says that as a child her parents taught her values of morality, respect, and strong judgement. Samimy believes that respect is under-practiced in today’s world and that if we all treated others the way we wanted to be treated, much of the strife caused by discrimination would be alleviated.

Samimy hopes to attend Oxford University after high school and study law to pursue a career as a solicitor. At the age of ten, one of her books was published by The Ministry of Stories, a London creative writing center for youth.


She Loves Me

By Marwa Samimy


Her plum-coloured duvet hugs me

and keeps me warm at night.

Her pillow listens to me as I stroke her hair and hold her tight.

The scrunching of the carpet and slight creaking of the wooden floor,

velvety ruffles and snuffles.

My bed holds me in her pale face,

watches me with her glistening, diamante eyes.