Lucienne Gigante is a multi sector leader with experience in the corporate, entrepreneurial and non profit space. She is an advocate of women’s economic development who has launched and developed more than 10 women-impact platforms in Puerto Rico and abroad to drive economic development, health, entrepreneurship and job creation. 

Gigante is the founder of LuGi, LLC, a strategic communications and positioning firm and the co-founder of Animus, the largest women economic development summit Latin America. LuGi, LLC aligns community as a key driver of company brand and uses digital intelligence for reputation management decisions. 

Gigante, who started her career as a reporter, held senior positions in marketing, public relations and communications for a public financial services company where she developed numerous successful corporate social responsibility platforms, including “Women of Success,” which created more than 40 new women-owned businesses and over 70 new jobs. 

As a advocate and leader for women’s economic development, in 2015 she co-founded Access Latina, the first ever multi-market accelerator for Latinas in high-growth industries such as STEAM, social innovation and agriculture, serving New York, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and Florida. 

Animus, in its fifth year has impacted more than 4,000 women and launched the platform “A Conversation With”, where Gigante has interviewed key leaders and trailblazers including Justice Sonia Sotomayor, EGOT winner and icon Rita Moreno and Olympic Gold medalist Monica Puig.

Gigante, also served as board member of the Council on the Environment of New York City, and has received more than 50 awards, including the American Banking Association’s “Social Impact Award,” SME’s “Top Management Award” and PR News’ “Community Relations Professional of the Year”. The Puerto Rico Senate Commission on Women Issues has also recognized Gigante in for her achievements. She is a graduate from Tulane University and has completed executive studies at The Wharton School.