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Kieren Konig is a youth poet, pianist, and advocate from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Along with music, writing gives him a way to share his ideas and concepts with the world. Konig has been writing since he was about 8 and telling stories since he can remember. Some of the focal points of his work are mental illness and the struggles of being a young, transgender person in the world. He believes that intersectionality is essential in activism, for people are not just one aspect of their identity, but a collection of complexities.

Konig finds that writing is healing, not just for the world, but for personally. He has written about most, if not all of the major battles he has fought, whether in a polished poem or a few scrappy lines. Not everything is meant to be published, but there is no harm in sitting down and letting loose one’s thoughts.

Konig plans on pursuing psychiatry in college and getting a job as a peer-specialist in a mental health facility. Life is constantly changing and doors open and close, so as of right now, Konig focuses on living mindfully and bringing his pen and notebook everywhere he goes.