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Cory Williams, 16

Cory Williams from Ypsilanti, Michigan, bases his writing on his conversations with people about their lives. He likes to talk to people and learn about their experiences, and those stories fill his head. Sometimes Williams struggles with doing justice to others' stories, as the richness and detail from observed conversations are often hard to translate to paper. Williams appreciates writing because it gives him the ability to express the thoughts, daydreams, and narratives that are constantly flowing through his mind.

Williams is most passionate about socioeconomic issues such as the mistreatment and oppression of certain races and the inequities in wealth and power. He plans to study law and wants to use his education magnify the voices of those who cannot speak up for themselves.


Racism: is there hope for the future?

by Cory Williams

Race relations are constantly changing and shifting. The trajectory of how things will change is difficult to foresee. Racism has taken many forms over the years - from very blatant to sneaky and covert. However, one thing has remained constant: collectives of individuals who believe in change coming together and working hard to solve problems. When there needed to be lawyers and officials to dismantle Jim Crow, the NAACP was formed. When the government and police tried to destroy neighborhoods, the Black Panthers were formed. When the police tried to take innocent black lives, the Black Lives Matter movement came together. All these great organizations have one goal: fighting and dismantling racism.

Americans, particularly African Americans, have proven themselves to be a resilient people. Because of this resilience, we will begin to understand that our collective efforts make us stronger than individual efforts. I believe that a new group will emerge to put an end to systemic racism once and for all. In order to be successful, the group will need the revolutionary attitude and outreach programs of the Black Panthers, the peaceful protests and good reputation of Black Lives Matter, and the infrastructure and wealth of the NAACP. Combined, I believe these groups won’t just fight the next wave of racism, I think that they will eliminate it.