Carlos Gomez, 21

Carlos Gomez emigrated from Yucatan, Mexico, to the U.S. in 2014. Gomez says that overcoming the language barrier and adjusting to a new life in San Francisco was one of the biggest challenges he has faced to date. He repeated the entirety of high school because of the discrepancy of required credits between the two countries. Gomez says repeating high school was a blessing in disguise: it helped him adjust to a new culture and prepare to attend college in the U.S., a possibility he had never considered before coming to San Francisco.  

Gomez believes that sometimes words are better written than said. His narratives address challenges he has faced as a new immigrant and serve as a reminder of how he overcame them. His writing has been published by 826 Valencia, a San Francisco writing and tutoring organization, in their Quarterly as well as their annual report publication. Gomez is an alumnus of many of 826 Valencia’s writing programs, including one-on-one English tutoring and 826 Personal Statement weekend. He also served as a tutor in his senior year.

Gomez became involved in a school club called Awaken Dreamers, which provides support for undocumented students in their journeys towards college. Gomez sees a lot of himself in the students that he supports, guiding them through the application process and offering advice on their shared experience.

Gomez is currently in his first year of college at San Francisco State University, majoring in Business Administration. He is the first person in his family to attend high school and college and is excited to break down barriers for the future generations of his family. He hopes to apply his degree to aid his grandparents in managing their lands in Mexico, which is the only source of income for the family.


Preserving Life in Words

By Carlos Gomez


I write because I want to give life to my thoughts.

I have memories and stories that deserve to be remembered, but it’s not easy for me to say all that I feel and think. Writing helps me express my thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

There are words that are better written than said. Writing exists as a wonderful way to leave the message understandable and permanent.

I write because I want someday to remember the important moments in my life. For example, the happiness I feel when my grandmother tells me stories, and the sadness of losing my final soccer game. The sadness of leaving my family and friends in Mexico, but the happiness of finally joining my parents in the U.S.A.

Writing makes me feel confident about what I can accomplish in my life.

I think a lot but I also forget a lot. Writing will preserve my words forever.