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Calvin Sears, 16

Calvin is a dedicated writer whose natural humor and warmth emerges in his poetry, essays, and other projects. He has been published in four volumes of the OMNIBUS and in a chapbook, I Rode My Yak to School, all published by 826michigan, a writing and tutoring center serving Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and Detroit, Michigan students. He has attended their programs since he was an elementary school student.

In 2015, as a 13-year-old student in 826michigan's tutoring program, Sears interviewed Ypsilanti Mayor Amanda Edmonds. With some preparation help from 826michigan tutors, he led a 90-minute conversation with the Mayor in the tutoring space; they discussed crime, poverty, education, and more about the state of his home city. In 2016, he interviewed Alex Goldman of the Reply All podcast, for which Sears wrote a piece on Ann Arbor Pulp. As a high school student, Sears competes in speech and debate forensics and enjoys public speaking. 

Sears is most passionate about fighting the discrimination and hate he sees in today's world, a reality that boggles his mind. 

He hopes to attend the University of Michigan and study Economics.


My High School Experience Thus Far

As written in sonnets

by Calvin Sears



I walked into the building on the first day

only to find that I was all alone;

And though I had not much to say,

I had to make this school my own.

I tried to make myself some friends,

and into some groups I did break.

To romance, though, my will did bend,

and DEAR HOLY LORD was that a mistake.

Through thick and thin, I braved it all,

through the “drama”, the “heartbreak”, the “stress”.

And though complaints rung through the halls,

that year may well have been my best.

Because I did not yet understand nor see

the awaiting horrors of ye olde IB.



The second year came, same as the first,

another year, not unlike the last.

However, this one may have been far worse,

as we collectively grew up too fast.

Not me, of course, for I’m far too naïve,

but my friends, they continued to change.

Existential, depressed like you wouldn’t believe,

and relationship drama made them all deranged.

All was not lost for me though, my friends,

despite how the last quatrains seemed.

My friendships grew stronger, no breaks or bends,

and it felt like all had been redeemed.

However, again, to you all I remind,

of the IB’s horrors weighing deep on our minds.



ALAS! The year that I teased so long is here!

The year of the IB Program’s tight grip!

‘Tis a curriculum all ‘cross the land do fear,

and many a deck an IB student will flip.

However, between projects and homework and all,

another force did bring me gloom.

Again, into romantic peril did I fall,

which yet may have caused me my doom.

For after that mess did fall apart,

bringing my friends all in tow,

divisions were caused due to broken hearts,

setting all morale quite low.

Let my tale be a warning; be cautious, all thee,

there’s a reason they don’t test love in the IB.