Azaria Pittman Carter is an aspiring poet and public speaker. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Pittman-Carter has always had a deep passion for the city where she lives. She believes that one of the most important things about being a wholesome citizen is giving back to and being aware of your community and your world.

She is a sophomore majoring in education at the University of Cincinnati and sees an opportunity to lead by mentoring students frequently at Wordplay Cincinnati, performing speeches, and volunteering. Pittman-Carter finds that volunteering encourages a strong sense of empathy, a characteristic that is severely lacking in the world today. Though there are a myriad things that could or should be changed in this world, Pittman-Carter chooses to champion mindfulness. She says that if everyone in this world was just a little bit more open-minded, we would see doors open for equality, inclusiveness, and acceptance.

Pittman-Carter is also a passionate advocate for middle childhood education and embodies diversity and confidence. Being the eldest of four younger siblings, Pittman-Carter says that she feels she was born to lead others. Pittman-Carter views her writing persona as that of a public speaker and MC. She writes motivational speeches on various topics but always tries to focus on subjects that are close to her heart, such as youth empowerment and social justice. Throughout her speaking career, she has realized how powerful her voice is, and that she can use it to move people with soulfulness and serenity.

Pittman-Carter plans to devote herself to the reform of the American education system, striving to become a public middle school teacher and work in the field of political education reform and decision-making.