Azaria Pittman-Carter, 19

Azaria Pittman-Carter is from Cincinnati, Ohio, and is currently finishing her first year as a freshman in college. Pittman-Carter, who has been homeless at times in the past, is very passionate about addressing homelessness in her city and in the world. She volunteers with several local organizations that help the homeless, including the  Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition, City Gospel Mission, and Bethany House Services, an assistance program for women and children. Pittman-Carter finds that volunteering encourages a strong sense of empathy, a characteristic that is severely lacking in the world today. Though there are myriad things that could or should be changed in this world, Pittman-Carter chooses to champion mindfulness. She says that if everyone in this world was just a little bit more open-minded, we would see doors open for equality, inclusiveness, and acceptance.

Pittman-Carter views her writing persona as that of a public speaker and MC. She writes motivational speeches on various topics but always tries to focus on subjects that are close to her heart, such as youth empowerment and social justice. She spoke as part of the back-to-school opening ceremony for the Cincinnati Public Schools, and won first place in the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative, a public speaking contest. Her experience participating in the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative showed her how powerful her voice is, and that she can use it to move people with soulfulness and serenity. Pittman-Carter connects this experience with a direct inspiration for her path towards and dream of becoming an educator. She is a recipient of the Procter & Gamble Spirit Award, and the Anthony Munoz “Straight-A Scholarship”.

Pittman-Carter is eager to start her sophomore year at University of Cincinnati and plans on becoming a middle school teacher, moving on to earn a graduate degree in education administration.