Born in New York and raised in Ecuador, Aneth Naranjo has dedicated her life to elevating and empowering youth voices. As a freshman in high school, Naranjo joined the Hispanos Unidos club, a space for Latinx students to come together and learn about the significance of their history. The Hispanos Unidos club built her passion for her culture’s rich history, and elevating that culture in a predominantly white school empowered Naranjo to pursue her leadership skills and involvement in youth activism. As the president of her senior class, she worked to continue making the Hispanos Unidos club a safe space for Latinx students. Naranjo also organized panel discussions and workshops that educated the whole school about Latinx culture. For Naranjo, it was crucial to build a space where future Latinx students can find comfort and empowerment.

Naranjo currently works as Director of Youth Leadership in IntegrateNYC, a youth-led organization that fights to integrate NYC public schools. As Director of Youth Leadership, Naranjo works with young people to build their leadership skills and policy around their stories and their demands. She has found a passion in connecting with students all over New York City and listening to their stories. Naranjo understands that in order for education policy to work, student voice has to be in the forefront. Her hope is to integrate schools so that students are able to go to schools where they feel safe, supported, and represented.

Naranjo is a Macaulay Honors student at John Jay College, studying Latin American Studies and Philosophy. She plans to go to law school to become an immigration lawyer in hopes of representing unaccompanied children and reforming current American immigration laws.