Zainab Nasrati is a storyteller living in Copenhagen, Denmark, and serves as the vice chairperson for Ordskælv, a Danish nonprofit writing website and publishing house. Nasrati notes that the best aspect of writing is that it gives her heart ease whenever she is anxious, frustrated, or overwhelmed. Writing allows Nasrati to examine all the internal chaos through structured reflections—in essays, poetry, and short stories. First published at the age of 13 in 2200NOrakler Shawarmaer og bristede fordomme (Oracles, Kebabs and the Breaking of Prejudice), an anthology of youth writing, Nasrati has gone on to collaborate with Danish newspapers, blogs, and radio programs.

Nasrati is driven by hope for stronger communities and aspires to widen equity and broaden empathy in the divided hearts within our world. She writes to raise awareness about injustice and to share her own experience of alienation, not being given a fair chance, and trying to prove her worth. Nasrati says that adversity may ruin one’s soul if one doesn’t find someone or something good to believe in. She devotes her time to social entrepreneurship, networking, praying, and directing passion projects to encourage others to be storytellers of their own lives. Nasrati says that if less dishonest words and dialogue were spoken on stage, in school, or through text messages, there would be many more eager listeners and healthy mindfulness in the world. This empathy would foster a better environment for teamwork and community building so that we might all create a better place, together.

Nasrati is currently a medical student and plans on becoming a doctor. She hopes to take part in growing Ordskælv, so that the Danish community can continue sharing stories from the voiceless and underrepresented.