Sean Farrelly, 22

Sean Farrelly is a writer currently based in Dublin, Ireland. For him, writing is the ultimate escape, and he has been putting words on paper for as long as he can remember. Farrelly utilizes writing as a way to build community and make people laugh; he says it is cathartic to get out of one’s head and tell a story. He believes that in the current political climate, his purpose as a writer is to encourage imagination and empathy for those who are most unlike oneself.

As a member of a theater company, Farrelly divides his time evenly between plays and books. In 2017, Farrelly wrote his first full-length play, Friction, using verbatim interviews he conducted on university campuses about the normalization of sexual assault and rape culture in Ireland. The response to Friction was an eye-opening experience that cemented Farrelly’s dedication to writing.

In 2018, he attended the inaugural International Congress of Youth Voices—a truly remarkable experience that opened his eyes to the activism happening internationally and the networks of like-minded people who are determined to make real change. He participated in the writing of a manifesto that weekend and was a part of the panel that presented the document to the Equality Festival in Ghent, Belgium.

This year, Farrelly has begun studying to become a Primary School teacher at university while going on submission for his first book. He wrote and produced Curve, a play about the Irish Education system and is currently facilitating drama workshops with young children about the homelessness crises in Ireland.