Mariama Savage 2019.png

Mariama Savage, 19

Mariama Savage has a lot she hopes to accomplish before she turns 20, with some big achievements under her belt: she holds the title as the youth State Grand Slam Champion of Massachusetts, 2018 Louder Than A Bomb slam poetry festival/competition, has worked towards fundraising for the Justice for Siham movement, has performed for the Northeasterners and will soon do the same for the NAACP in April 2019. Savage took third place in the National Book Festival slam poetry competition in 2018 and her team for Brave New Voices won the title as fourth in the world. Along with her team, Savage launched a venture on Mental Health Awareness in Boston Public Schools in 2018, which was granted full funding.

Savage has continued to surpass and overcome the obstacles set before her and continues to strive towards excellence.