Lucy Valentine Malcoun grew up in a Montessori School system in Chicago, Illinois, an environment to which she attributes her core values of equality, peace, and action. Malcoun’s writing is based in fact and focuses on exploring social issues. Malcoun enjoys writing because it allows her to organize her ideas and thoughts into a coherent and effective point of view. Thinking in a written form, she argues, has greater depth and nuance; it offers the ability to communicate complicated topics through the forces of creativity and logic. To Malcoun, writing has the ability to touch and connect people serving as the platform by which humans are compelled to engage the world.

She is often surprised at the depth of immersion achieved when writing—it allows her to empathize and understand the experiences of people far from her place in the world: indentured servants in Jamestown, Chinese immigrants during the Gold Rush, Malcolm X, James Polk, and philosophers like Renee Descarte and Immanuel Kant. The most gratifying aspect of writing for Malcoun is the act of escapism; a near second is the greater perspective and understanding of the human experience to be gained from writing about subjects based on history, art, and philosophy.

Malcoun is incredibly passionate about creating a world that harnesses innovation to promote equal rights/access to the most fundamental social welfare services such as education and healthcare. She believes that progress in technology and the life sciences will transform our ability to lead healthy and happy lives. Malcoun also thinks that it is incredibly important that we are mindful that these advances do not infringe on the unique attributes that define us as human beings: love, empathy, self consciousness, and connection.

Malcoun hopes to study psychology and medicine in college. She plans to find an intersection of her interests in global health, art, and language through a career that focuses on improving access to healthcare in foreign countries and urban areas.