Iman Abdul currently attends and is the Undergraduate Senator of Education at The City College of New York. She is a dedicated social and educational justice activist who works around the pressing issue of segregation in public schools and transforming New York City’s public school system to be inclusive, equitable, and just for all students.

Abdul is a founding member of IntegrateNYC, a youth led organization. She has led workshops in spaces such as Columbia University, Harvard University, and the United Nations, co-wrote a national curriculum on school integration for a Netflix documentary, and much more. Her path of activism and advocacy for student voice led her into the position of Director of Education & Engagement for IntegrateNYC, solidifying her commitment to tackling school segregation within the NYC public school system.

Abdul is aims to be the Chancellor of the NYC Department of Education informed by her time as a teacher. She believes that teachers are the shapeshifters that can transform the unjust society we live in today. Abdul is currently exploring a way to infuse urban/sneaker culture with youth advocacy & politics. She plans to inspire young people to take action while wearing what most represents them and makes them feel powerful.