Cory Williams, 16

Cory Williams is from Ypsilanti Michigan. Williams enjoys basketball, spending time with family and friends, and learning more about the world he lives in. He especially loves to travel to foreign places and learn about their cultures. He believes that having knowledge and understanding of others will allow for a more accepting and loving world. This is why he finds so much joy in writing because he believes it can be a vessel for real change in the world. Williams is also beginning his first full novel.

Williams also loves his country dearly and takes a lot of pride in being American. At the same time, he finds it unacceptable that the country he is so passionate about is no longer moving towards progress and is starting to regress into its darker past. Cory remains optimistic and has high hopes that through the power of common sense, knowledge, and empathy his vision of a fully accepting and progressive United States will come to pass.