Chandler Browne is a documentary theater maker, actor, storyteller, tap dancer, painter, and artist from Chicago, Illinois. She grew up with 826 CHI, a youth writing and tutoring center in Chicago, and it has been incredibly influential in her life. The organization gave Browne—a little girl with a hyperactive imagination—a pen, paper and a powerful vehicle through which to voice her truth. Browne believes in the power of writing as an outlet for youth of all demographics to voice how they are affected by world issues, especially because they cannot vote or make legislative changes.

Browne has performed at the Beck Center for the Arts in Cleveland, Ohio, and is a 2014 graduate of American Theater Company in Chicago. In 2009, at the age of 12, Browne was published in Thanks and Have Fun Running the Country: Kids' Letters to President Obama published by McSweeney’s in conjunction with 826 National.

Since graduating from Oberlin as a Posse Scholar, Browne has been pursuing her creative career full time. She worked for Marc Platt Productions as their inaugural Johnathan Demme Intern, has acted in several short films and competed for her first feature length. She is ecstatic to return to the International Congress of Youth Voices as a delegate.


Music Free Write

by Chandler Browne

All things come apart in sadness there are the good things that make the world seem to go round again when all else is lost and then there are those other things the things that tell you no and scratch at the luminescence of life the cliff was intoxicated with green moss like the way I used to lay about the fire birds fly leaves rustle and I close my eyes waiting for something to happen. anything to happen. but nothing does. it is a curse. the world will stop all its conflicts, all of its worries, sorrows, and joys just to be lifeless when we step into the moment it’s predictable and pathetic predictable and pathetically pressuring to be at the point we ever so wanted to be but have never been able to see