Darvey To, 18

Darvey To, from Melbourne, Australia, is an aspiring young writer who tends to spend 60% of her time in her head and 40% of her time focusing on reality. To is a freshman at RMIT University, Australia’s largest third-level institution, studying towards a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing. She is currently on a journey filled with adventure to find her style of writing, dabbling in and exploring various forms such as fiction, plays, and long form poetry. She finds that her love for books—young adult, fantasy, sci-fi, and especially the Harry Potter series—activate her imagination and push it into a spiraling whirlwind. To also spoke at Harry Potter Day at the Melbourne Writers Festival, where she was able to share her love of the series with many other fans and connect with Levi Pinfold, the author of the 20th Anniversary Hogwarts House editions of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

To has been involved with the youth writing nonprofit 100 Story Building (formerly Pigeons) since 2011, when she served on the young editorial board for the first edition of the Early Harvest literary magazine. Since then, To has been involved with many 100 Story Building programs and taken on leadership roles, such as mentoring other young editors of later editions of Early Harvest. Currently, To is a volunteer for the organization, and she says that 100 Story Building has given her the confidence to be who she is today.



by Darvey To



(Medium long shot) White doors are set white open as individuals dressed in traditional black enter, quiet chatter shared amongst one another.



A small crowd blocks the entrance of the display room. The chatter is slightly louder here. An occasional sob can be heard in the background. Sombre music, consisting of a deep cello and organs faintly plays as well.

(Close up shot) THOMAS, 27, tousled brown hair and blue eyes, ushers in quietly whilst adjusting his tie. He holds a single lily in his hand. Tracking shot follows THOMAS attempting to enter the display room.


Excuse me.


He slowly brushes past a woman who is –


(Medium close up shot) IRIS, 22, Asian with bleached blonde hair and brown eyes. Notices THOMAS and pulls him back, roughly. Startled, THOMAS faces a very livid IRIS – her eyes glaring daggers up at his.



(Cut to close up shot) You must have a lot of nerve to be here, Thomas.


(Cuts back to medium close up shot) THOMAS shrugs out of IRIS’ hold, fixes up his jacket.



I came here to pay my respects – I’m not heartless



Oh, sure you aren’t. Tell that to your ex – my sister – who lies in that casket because of you.


Pan to display room, crane shot to the body of ROSE, 25, Asian with black hair. Wearing a white dress, she looks as though she was in deep sleep.





It…it wasn’t meant to end like this.



She LOVED you Thomas and THIS is how you repay her!? By neglecting her because of ‘work’?


A flash of anger burns in THOMAS’ eyes, but is dismissed



Don’t put the fault on me, Iris.



But I am because it is true. You murdered Rose, you monster.


Their conflict attracts the attention of the other guests. Most stare at Thomas in disdain. Sensing the tension, THOMAS raises a hand in surrender.



Please…just five minutes. Then you’ll never have to see me again.

IRIS continues to scowl at him, contemplating his request



…three minutes. Any more or I cut your pretty head off.


THOMAS hesitantly enters the display room. IRIS watches him. Sombre music grows louder as THOMAS stands beside ROSE’S casket. A saddened expression crosses his face. High pitched violins replace sombre music for gloomy ambiance.



…Rose. I cannot ask for your forgiveness…it’s too late for that…but you did not deserve to die young… nor should it have been for me.


THOMAS places the lily in ROSE’S hands and bows his head low. He turns back to the rest of the guests.



…my condolences for your loss.


He begins his departure, everyone watches him leave. THOMAS stops halfway, looks back to ROSE’S casket. Guilt dawns across his face and he exits the building.